War of Clans

Special Knowledge

Learning in Vikings: War of Clans is a good way to get an advantage over your opponents. By learning Knowledge, you can save time and resources for developing your Town, improve the stats of your Hero and Shaman, upgrade your troops, and get even more bonuses of various types.

Special Knowledge

Also, don’t forget about Knowledge in the Stronghold. You can learn Knowledge in a special building, the Shamans’ Residence. Here you can get additional military and economic benefits for your whole Clan. At level four of the Shamans’ Residence, a new branch of special Knowledge with unique bonuses becomes available to you. These include:
– An increased number of scouts in a troop
– Increased troop defense in an Onslaught
– Increased Aesir recovery speed
– The ability to revive a larger number of warriors

For illustrative purposes, we’ve put together a table of special Knowledge bonuses at max. level.

Vikings, visit the Oracle and Shamans’ Residence more often to learn new Knowledge and ensure that victory will always be yours!